Nuku Chetanya Wondrausch 

release: : consciousness : empowerment
I emerged knowing my path to greatness was in helping others overcome their own battles.

My destiny for spirituality and healing was written in the stars before my birth. My mother was a 60’s wild child ballet dancer and my father a world renowned African drummer and dance teacher from Ghana. I was born into an Ashram community of devotional dancers to Guru Maharaji, an Internationally revered as a wiseman, in Pennsylvania, USA.


I was raised in a tipi where I developed my love for nature and holistic healing. The trees were my friends, nature spoke to, and still speaks, to my soul. I attended a Democratic Progressive Sands School where I learnt independence, tenacity and leadership skills.


Every Hero's Journey must have an arch where the seeker allows the shadow to consume them in order to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. My moment of fire came when I became addicted to drugs and alcohol.


At 17 years old I was admitted to Close Reach House treatment centre for drug and alcohol addiction. The time I spent here shaped me into the man I am today.

I spent 12 years running self support groups for drug and alcohol addiction.

I have over 20 years assisting challenged inner city young people to find new paths for themselves. Using outdoor activities and nature emerson, the youth have been able to forge clearer paths and cultivate a deeper sense of self respect and love.


I have been involved in a youth development charity based in Chile called Rally International. It focused on creating opportunities to drive change within communities and the environment in developing countries. We built children play areas, supported national park conservation and elderly care homes amongst other projects. I have also been involved in community projects in Ghana, Mongolia and Bolivia.


I completed my Akanda Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh with Guru Vishvaketu and AcroYoga Teacher Training in Bali with Acrovinyasa.


In 2013 I embarked on the journey of Emotional Fitness Life Coaching. Shadow Integration is a key element of this offering and I love bringing this gift to the world.


I am over a year into my training with the Healing Trust. I offer distance energy healing sessions which helps people relieve physical, mental and emotional challenges.

I have danced Argentinian Tango for 7 years and it continues to be a deep passion for me. The sensitivity of the embrace touches every facet of my life.


I have travelled the world gaining wisdom and knowledge in order to serve and guide others on their own healing journeys.


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Benefits can include;
Health and body harmony  :  Concentration and clarity  :  Happiness and zest for life  :  Strength and flexibility  :  Digestion and detoxification  :  Hormonal balance  :  Neural capacity  :  Reflexes and response time  :  Intuition and emotional fitness  :  Peacefulness and sense of wellbeing  :  Perspective and consciousness  :  Alignment with self and relationships with others

...and the list goes on.
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