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NukuYoga combines a traditional Hatha yoga lineage and the beauty of co-created Acroyoga

For me Acroyoga is all about connection. It gives people the chance to be truly supported by another. When elevating and encouraging others we empower ourselves.
Using these embodied techniques builds trust and allows the space for deep release. 
Life is about relationships. When we practice Acroyoga we begin to refine our interactions with others and develop a deeper sense of self awareness.
The therapeutic benefits of AcroYoga are innumerable. Benefits can include releasing deep tension or emotional blocks, improved communication and cultivating a sense of courage and self worth.
I can tailor sessions to suit your 1:1 needs or host private group classes.
Contact me to find out more. I'd love to fly with you.
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We were blown away by how fun and rewarding it was.

- Cathryn Grace 

"We are all individuals and I believe that if something is truly good for you, then it is good for everybody, everyone and everything."

-Nuku Yoga

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