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Life Coaching

NukuYoga life coaching helps you gain awareness of what is holding you back and clarity of where you would like to be. 


In this work, we acknowledge the power and importance of the shadow side. The shadow is unconscious, disruptive patterns that create recurring issues that do not serve. My coaching will help you uncover your unconscious patterns so you can free yourself to live the empowered life you’d love.


This form of life coaching uses Emotional Fitness techniques that are designed to help you to practice feeling feelings that are beyond understanding on the cerebral level.


Everyone has a journey ready to awaken within them. We all need support on this journey to help us find our purpose and path in life.


In every offering I show up with sincerity and authenticity. When you step forward into your journey you must be willing to show up for yourself.

Are you ready to fly?


Please feel free to book a 20 minute compatibility session for us to explore how we can work together using the link below.

Nuku encompasses everything beneficial to mind, body and spirit within one session

- Lisa Allen, Meditation Teacher Plymouth

"Opening yourself to the beauty and gifts of this life, is worth every inch of the summoned courage,

to step into that place."

-Nuku Yoga

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