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Throughout my childhood, and life, I have been told I am a natural healer. I have always felt a natural gift for healing and am happy this natural talent is now something I can offer professionally.


This is my most cherished offering and the most simple and direct way to get support in releasing something that does not serve you.


Receiving an energy healing from me can result in feeling powerful shifts in physical symptoms and mental blocks. Feeling a sense of calm, peace and relaxation are typical after receiving a treatment.


Treatments are conducted by distance at a scheduled time whereby you relax and receive the energy channelled. 


I have worked with people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.


I am currently in training with the Healing Trust to become an esteemed Trustee.

Book now to receive an Energy Healing for yourself or a loved one.  

Nuku encompasses everything beneficial to mind, body and spirit within one session

- Lisa Allen, Meditation Teacher Plymouth

Zen Stones

"Physical ailments are our bodies cry for healing"

-Nuku Yoga

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