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Cathryn Grace

Nuku's calming influence and confident teaching style combined with a deep understanding of yoga and how it can benefit us in such a variety of ways mean that those of you coming along are going to be in the best of hands.


Both Alex and I have had short 1:1 acroyoga sessions with Nuku and were blown away by how fun and rewarding it was. We've begun practicing at home and enjoy the way this form of yoga helps you to connect with one another, build a deep level of trust and uses every possible muscle in your body.

Oliver Hurd-Thomas

Nuku works on a deep level, powerfully engaging with both the physical and the emotional. Today I feel stronger and lighter, in my body but also in my heart.

Oli Bignell

I was apprehensive before my first acro-yoga session, with visions of flying head-butting my partner. However Nuku's warmth, confidence in his ability and relaxed attitude prevailed. Flexibility has been a consistent struggle for me but Nuku focused on my strengths, I was left feeling so relaxed, refreshed and positive. Couldn't recommend him enough and can't wait for the next session!

Lisa Allen, Meditation Teacher

Very rarely have I come across a yoga class and instructor that embraces asana, pranayama, relaxation, mantra and meditation.


Nuku encompasses everything beneficial to mind, body and spirit within one session, which leaves you feeling regenerated, peaceful and incredibly accomplished.


I love that Nuku challenges both the mental and physically, always respecting boundaries and exceptionally mindful to ensure you get the absolute most benefit from each practice.


I would definitely recommend for a complete holistic yoga experience.

I went to one of Nuku's classes as a complete beginner, having never done anything like that before. I really didn't know what to expect but I was taken along by a friend and couldn't see the harm in giving it a go.


The first thing that struck me was the incredibly warm welcome that I received and the reassurance that I wouldn't be on my own. Nuku has a unique ability to put your mind at ease and to focus on your needs, whilst maintaining focus on the others, making them feel that way too.


After a few warm up stretches, I found myself flying. It felt that way anyway, as one of the first lifts found me being transported to a position where I was in the air (not too high up), and I had to maintain my posture. The little acts of self balancing tested muscles that I rarely use, but it wasn't too much. It was quite exciting really.


After a short rest and a reflection on what we'd done, the roles were reversed and I was helping someone else fly. I laid on my back, with my feet in the air, with someone balanced on my feet, and I was encouraged to develop the movement.


It was completely new to me, so I felt a bit apprehensive, but also very controlled and safe. I was only able to take the movements so far, but I really felt that I had achieved something.


As I looked around the room, I could see people who were at an advanced level and I was mesmerised by what they could do. The whole atmosphere was beautiful. It was relaxing yet exciting. It was focused yet relaxed. But above all it was welcoming.


I instantly felt part of a special team even though the others had clearly known each other for a while. Some for just a couple of weeks, others for years.


Afterwards, I could feel the stretch in my legs and the development of my flexibility. My mind was completely devoid of any of my previous stresses, as the focus that I'd maintained had cleared my thoughts. It felt, sounds silly to say it, but it felt peaceful.


Nuku clearly knows what he is doing and really can get the most out of people. He really is an inspiring guy and you will have no regrets whatsoever in attending one of his classes.

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